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MHP Tribe is a community of folks who are Real estate entrepreneurs at heart (if not yet in real life ☺)


We are hustling, learning, trying, sometimes failing yet ultimately SUCCEEDING in the game of Mobile Home Parks investing!


We are hardworking, open-minded, smart, and passionate. MHP Tribe members are creating financial freedom for ourselves and our families one mobile home community at a time!


We are enjoying the journey, building partnerships, leveraging technology, and doing whatever else we have to do to make consistent progress and grow sustainable Mobile Home Park business. ☺

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BYOL [lunch] and let’s kick off our MHP biz week strong! Join/Participate in our 40- minute weekly video call.

We discuss “anything and everything MHP,” including deals underwriting, due diligence process, marketing strategies, park operations, etc.

Call to ask a question or get help solving a problem from one of the experts within our community.

 Weekly Podcast MHP Tribe “In Action”

Interview with fellow park owners, industry consultants, and service providers, who share best practices, problem-solving, and revenue growth tactics. We also cover the latest industry news, trends, and insights!

The best thing about our guests; they are fully engaged within their businesses and industry; in real-time, real-world experiences, operated their businesses W-A-A-A-Y before MHP niche was hot and hip , so what they share is not only what you need to know – but what you will be soon facing in your own business. It’s invaluable for both new and seasoned MHP investors. 

04/21/2020 MHP Tribe “In Action” with Bari and Kirby Horton, The Firm Inc.

Find out how these savvy Mobile Home Park operators are demonstrating leadership to their team and turning the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity to strengthen their business by traveling in an RV across multiple states from one mobile home park to another – uncovering, understanding and sharing what will be most effective coming out of the coronavirus pandemic.

04/17/2020 MHP Tribe “In Action” with Andriy Boychuk and Svitlana Malinnikova

Find out how Andriy Boychuk and Svitlana Malinnikova, my fellow New Yorkers, are managing their Northern Pennsylvania located mobile home park while quarantined with their family in Florida! See how they are overcoming challenges and what new opportunities they see in the upcoming months.

04/16/2020 MHP Tribe “In Action” with Kurt Kelly, Mobile Insurance

Find out how one of the leading Mobile Home Insurance providers sees present economic challenges, finds day-to-day operational solutions and evaluates future opportunities. Check out our “state of affairs” call with Kurt Kelly, President of Mobile Insurance.

M2K Partners “Our Story” Videos

M2K Partners “Our Story” video recordings of general partners (Katya, Nick and Matt) bi-weekly operational calls around planning and implementation of “turn around” strategies and day-to-day management of 80-space mobile home park in Jackson, Michigan.

4/19/20 End of the week call!

MHP summarizes the week by reviewing Covid-19 counter measures, tenant communication, available resources, SBA (Small Business Administration) loan and PPP (Payroll Protection Program) application status, spring cleaning plans, maintenance items, “virtual” lease signing coordination to protect park staff, etc.

4/21/20 Can I Build a Billboard in My Mobile Home Park to Generate Additional Income? 

Can I Build a Billboard in My Mobile Home Park to Generate Additional Income? with Maria Laty, the partner at Jackson MHP

This “how-to” video covers our research into a banner installation at the front of the park. More information here

Katya’s interviews

Ekaterina Stepanova
MHP Tribe Podcasts available on Itunes

July 29, 2019 – Real Estate Syndication Show with Whitney Sewell

MHP Tribe Podcasts available on Itunes
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